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Thrive Electrify is here to guide your warehouse and industrial facilities toward sustainable electrification.  Our services help businesses reduce energy waste by improving efficiency.  We firmly believe that responsible practices can coexist with profitability. Unlock the full potential of your facility with our customized three-step process. Let our expert team lead you on a transformative journey that not only optimizes your operations as you grow but also paves the way toward complete energy security.

Limited Time LED Retrofit Incentives

By focusing on what uses the most energy in your business, you can make energy-efficient upgrades for the greatest impact on savings. The average incentive is about 25% of a project’s cost, but for some projects it’s upwards of 50%. The more energy you save, the greater the incentive.

Limited Time 50% Rebate Offer for EV Chargers

Business owners that purchase and install eligible EV chargers could receive a rebate of up to 50% from BC Hydro. Funding is distributed on a first come first served basis. Get up to $56K in funding for your business!

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The first step towards sustainable electrification starts with reducing energy waste by improving efficiency. A LED lighting retrofit, combined with advanced controls, offers a powerful solution that not only cuts energy costs but also improves your daily operations. Unlock the power of wireless connectivity and valuable data with a connected lighting system. This scalable smart lighting system can support your daily operations as your business expands. With the ability to add solutions and capabilities as needed, you can continually improve your operations to keep up with your growing business needs.


The path to sustainable electrification begins with reducing energy waste through LED lighting retrofits, resulting in improved efficiency and an increased electrical power load. The second step is to direct this surplus electrical capacity towards electric charging. Transitioning away from fossil fuels decreases your reliance on non-renewable energy sources and strengthens your business’ energy security. Fossil fuels have already reached their peak efficiency, with limited room for additional advancements. Embracing electric power as an alternative is an excellent strategy to gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing transportation landscape.


In the journey towards sustainable electrification and attaining ultimate energy security, the pivotal final step is to produce rooftop energy through solar panels and store it in backup battery systems until required. The future of Canada’s electrical grid depends on our ability to store it – accelerating the clean energy transition, reducing costs, and increasing reliability for businesses, utilities, and communities. Through the adoption of solar power, your business can achieve total energy self-sufficiency in an environment where the demand for electricity is expected to continually rise.

“Thrive Electrify is about taking care of the client first. I always experience a better result than I expected.”

Eugen Stoenescu – Director of Property Management, PIRET

“An excellent company to work with from beginning to end. The crew were mostly working in occupied spaces, took care not to interrupt work, were very respectful of our staff, and left all their work areas tidy. We are very happy…and are seeing great energy savings.”

Monica Samuda – Energy Advisor – District of North Vancouver

“Thrive Electrify successfully completed the lighting project at Canada Place which took two years to complete. The project had strict timelines and encountered multiple hurdles but they stayed committed and delivered as promised.”

Mirza Husain – Chief Engineer – Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

“We were very happy with the service and product supplied by Thrive Electrify. The communication was quick and always helpful. We are pleased with the final product and being able to provide EV parking to our community.”

Cheryl Dennis – Project Lead & Campus Operations Manager Chair, Trinity Western University Staff Association

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