LED Lighting Retrofits

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“A safe and productive work floor begins at the ceiling.”

– Curtis Moore, CEO & Founder

25%-50% Lighting Improvement Incentive

BC Hydro will cover a portion of the cost to upgrade and improve the energy efficiency of your facility’s lighting and compressed air systems.

About LED Lighting Retrofits

When designed and installed correctly, LED lighting retrofits can save consumers up to 90% energy. This enables our clients to maximize lighting efficiencies for over 40 years, with zero maintenance required. Our clients typically see a return on investment within 2- 5 years. New smart lighting systems will also improve safety and work conditions for employees. Government rebates are also available to cover 15%-50% of costs.

Costs of a LED Lighting Retrofit

While there are countless benefits to investing in new smart LED lighting, how much will a retrofit actually cost your business? What most business owners don’t know is that a retrofit already fits in your annual budget. In British Columbia, upfront project costs are paid via BC Hydro rebates and optional lease financing. With Thrive Electrify, we offer a unique “Pay As You Save” financing program which will allow your facility to generate instant energy savings while optimizing your cash flow from day one.

Once you achieve ROI (Return on investment), your facility will continue to save thousands of dollars annually. This means money that was previously budgeted for BC Hydro and maintenance can now be redirected towards growing your business.

Why choose Thrive Electrify?

Our goal is to provide our clients with expert lighting advice and the best retro-fit installation experience. Through our design process, we create smart lighting systems, achieve brighter lighting, use less energy, and reduce waste.

Thrive Electrify has been a BC Hydro Alliance Energy Professional member since 2015 and has successfully helped our clients obtain over $1 million in BC Hydro rebates. From the energy audit, design, incentive, and permits – to the installation, lighting controls, commissioning, and warranty; Thrive Electrify is with you every step of the way.

Benefits Of LED Lighting

Benefits Of Advanced Controls

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Better Lighting

At Thrive Electrify, we are not afraid of disrupting the lighting industry. We don’t believe in installing as many low-cost lights as possible in order to make the most amount of money.

Through our expert LED lighting design, we aim to redesign and reduce lights to help businesses save on project costs and reduce landfill waste. We only install quality products and believe that lighting retrofits should be a once-in-a-lifetime installation.

Better Health

Don’t overlook how much of an impact lighting has on employee health, happiness, and safety. We’re committed to educating our clients about the negative medical impacts that poor workplace lighting has on employees.

“All around these are crisp and bright LED lights and everyone should be using them.”

Trevor – Forklift Driver & Warehouse Worker, Provincial Health Services Authority

“Energy efficient and good for the environment, it made my warehousing life a lot easier.”

James – Forklift Driver & Warehouse Worker, Provincial Health Services Authority

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